We Die Young: Concert at the Seattle Center
We Die Young Concert
Name We Die Young: Concert at the Seattle Center
Album Type Unauthorized Bootleg
Genres Grunge, Alternative Metal, Sludge Metal
Release Date


Recorded Date and Place December 20, 1992 at the Seattle Center Arena, Seattle
Length 73:40

We Die Young Concert album is an unofficial bootleg album of Alice in Chains' live show at the Seattle Center Arena on December 20, 1992.

Reception Edit

For a bootleg album, this album has gotten generally positive reviews. The album has high quality production.

Tracklist Edit

No. Name Writer(s) Length
1. "Junkhead" Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell 5:27
2. "Put You Down" Cantrell 3:17
3. "It Ain't Like That" Cantrell, Mike Starr, Sean Kinney 4:36
4. "Love, Hate, Love" Staley, Cantrell 6:45
5. "God Smack" Staley, Cantrell 3:58
6. "Sickman" Staley, Cantrell 5:45
7. "Bleed The Freak" Cantrell 4:26
8. "Dirt" Staley, Cantrell 5:24
9. "Sweet Home Alabama (Tease)" Ed King, Gary Rossington, Ronnie Van Zant 0:42
10. "Man in the Box" Staley, Cantrell 4:54
11. "Dam That River" Cantrell 3:11
12. "We Die Young" Cantrell 2:33
13. "Them Bones" Cantrell 3:51
14. "(Another Tease)" (a cover of "In My Time of Dying." Led Zeppelin 0:40
15. "Hate To Feel" Staley 5:41
16. "Angry Chair" Staley 6:10
17. "Rooster" Cantrell 6:20

Sources Edit

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