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  • Randomguyhere

    There's a new improvement in the Special Achievements for this wikia!  Now you can score points for making edits on articles in the Songs category.  Hopefully, this will help create more articles for songs that are necessary to add to the wiki, like "Would?" by Alice in Chains.  This might also make it easier for users to gain achievements and increase activity.

    Note: A Song Template has been created.

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  • Randomguyhere

    Here is a list of many articles we need to write/finish.

    • Alice in Chains
    • Bricks Are Heavy
    • Pearl Jam
    • Soundgarden

    The bands listed need additional work on their history.  Soundgarden's stops at Badmotorfinger's release, and Pearl Jam just barely made it to 2000, and Alice In Chains stops at 2008.  Bricks Are Heavy is in need of additional history as well.  Below is a list of top priority articles needed.  THis list will be updated.

    Artists/Bands Albums/Songs Other

    • Chris Cornell
    • Eddie Vedder
    • Green River
    • Jeff Ament
    • Jack Endino
    • Mark Lanegan
    • Steve Turner
    • Stone Gossard

    • Babes in Toyland
    • Screaming Trees
    • Truly
    • Zico Chain

    • Badmotorfinger
    • Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
    • Outcesticide (5 Bootleg Albums)
    • Pearl Jam Official Bootleg Series
    • Superunknown
    • Vs.

    • Black Hole Sun
    • Jeremy
    • Smells …

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  • Randomguyhere


    April 2, 2015 by Randomguyhere

    Here are some rules concerning the wikia.

    1. Bands and Artists: The bands allowed are grunge bands and bands that have been major influences on the grunge scene, and not hard rock bands.  SInce there's a large number of genres influenced by classic rock bands, I don't want to see hard rock/blues rock like Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, etc.  These can be added to a band's "Influences" or "Musical Style" section or other.  However, like I said, bands that have been major influences on grunge itself, such as Dinosaur Jr. or Melvins are allowed.

    2. Qualification: Bands can be added to the site if they release at least one album voted as grunge on, or they are labeled as a grunge band on Allmusic or Discogs, or are called a grun…

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