Ultramega OK
Ultramega OK
Name Ultramega OK by Soundgarden
Album Type Studio Album
Genres Alternative Metal, Grunge
Release Date

October 31, 1988

Recorded Date and Place Recorded Spring 1988 in Seattle, Washington and Newberg, Oregon
Label SST Records
Producer Drew Canulette, Soundgarden
Length 42:48
Preceded By Fopp
Followed By Louder Than Love

Ultramega OK is the debut studio album of American alternative metal band Soundgarden. It is Sooundgarden's only studio album on a small label, notably SST Records.

Background and Recording Edit

After the release of Soundgarden's two EP's Screaming Life and Fopp, the band signed to SST Records and began working on their first studio album. Some of it was recorded in Seattle, Washington, but the band moved to Newberg, Oregon to complete it. Because of this, they were unable to get Jack Endino to finish the project. SST Records suggested producer Drew Canulette, due to monetary savings. Canulette was not used to the "Seattle Sound," so the production was not what Soundgarden wanted.m Because of this, the album was given the name "Ultramega OK," because the band liked the songs, but the production was not great. Ultramega OK is a separate version of "absolutely, unbelievably not bad."

The British release was going to be Ultramega UK.

Album Artwork Edit

Like many grunge and punk albums, Ultramega OK's photo was a black-and-white photo of the band. The photo was taken by Lance Mercer.

Reception Edit

The album met with mostly positive reception. Steve Huey of Allmusic gave the album four out of five stars, saying, "It may not be quite as complex or consistent as some of Soundgarden's later albums, but Ultramega OK is easily the best document of grunge's early, pre-Nirvana days." Ann Powers of Blender said, "Not every moment is brilliant, but it sure is loud."

The album was not received as well by Soundgarden or fans. Soundgarden was dissatisfied with the production SST Records had provided them with. Cornell stated that "the production was not what we were after at all." Fans of the album felt that Ultramega OK was more of a metal album than a grunge album, and that it was not improtant to the grunge community like Screaming Life and Fopp were. Part of the reason for this was Soundgarden's touring with major label hard rock bands.

The album still gained good reception. The video for "Flower" would appear regularly on MTV's 120 Minutes. The album also recieved a nomination a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 1989.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Flower
  2. Don't Know
No. Name Lyrics Music Length
1. "Flower" Chris Cornell Kim Thayil 3:25
2. "All Your Lies" Cornell Thayil, Hiro Yamamoto 3:51
3. "665" Cornell Yamamoto 1:37
4. "Beyond the Wheel" Cornell Cornell 4:20
5. "667" Cornell Yamamoto 0:56
6. "Mood for Trouble" Cornell Cornell 4:21
7. "Circle of Power" Yamamoto Thayil 2:05
8. "He Didn't" Cornell Matt Cameron 2:47
9. "Smokestack Lightning" Howlin' Wolf Howlin' Wolf 5:07
10. "Nazi Driver" Cornell Yamamoto 3:52
11. "Head Injury" Cornell Cornell 2:22
12. "Incessant Mace" Cornell Thayil 6:27
13. "One Minute of Silence" Cornell John Lennon 1:02

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