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Sap by Olivelawn
Name Sap
Album Type Studio Album
Genres Grunge, Punk
Release Date

Late 1990

Recorded Date and Place September 1990 at Reciprocal Recording, Seattle, WA and South Coast, Santa Anna, CA
Label Nemesis Records, Cargo Records
Label ID #25
Followed By Sopho-More Live!

Sap isthe debut album of American punk band Olivelawn. It was recorded by Jack Endino and Jim Dotson.

Musical Style Edit

The album is a heavy punk album (not a hardcore album) that has a focus on the heavy drumming.

Tracklist Edit

No Name. Length
1. College Volume Pedal 3:10
2. Minnesota 2:36
3. Kent State 2:19
4. Horray For Flipping 2:28
5. Who's Playing God Today? 3:04
6. Future Now 3:03
7. I Was So Into You 2:48
8. Roses 3:16
9. Piltdown Man 2:51
10. 4>2 (Slight Return) 6:54
11. The Cat's Meow 2:18
12. Mom's Farm 2:37
13. (Untitled Track) 1:07

Personnel Edit

Olivelawn Edit

  • Mike Olson - Vocals
  • O - Guitars, Art Direction
  • Jonny Donhowe - Bass
  • Eddie Glass - Drums

Additional Personnel Edit

  • Jack Endino - Recorded Tracks 1-10
  • Jim Dotson - Recorded 11-12
  • Ron Cameron - Art Direction
  • Miki Vuckovich - Photography

Sources Edit

Discogs: [1]

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