Biographical Information


Genres Grunge
  • Jamie Perlman
  • Carlos Carnota
  • Gaby
  • Mariano Takara
  • J. Sami Buccella
Date of Formation 1991
Formation Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Years Active 1991-???

Rip (stylized as rip) was a five-piece Argentine grunge band that formed in 1991 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They released only two albums, Poipe, and Papa Inflable. Their albums were spoken in either English or Spanish. Rip is not a popular band by any means, and because of their location, they are widely unknown. However, those who've discovered rip's music have given the albums high ratings.

Band Members Edit

  • Jamie Perlman - vocals
  • Carlos Carnota - drums
  • Gaby - guitar
  • Mariano Takara - guitar
  • J. Samie Buccella - bass

Discography Edit

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