Name Psychosis by Coffin Break
Album Type Studio Album
Genres Hardcore Punk
Release Date


Label C/Z Records
Length 21:00
Followed By Rupture

Psychosis is the debut album of American hardcore punk band Coffin Break. Although not a grunge album, it was released on the Seattle grunge label C/Z Records.

Tracklist Edit

Side/No. Name Length
A1 Psychosis 2:55
A2 Stupid Love Song 2:32
A3 Flesh Field 1:20
A4 Promise 1:18
A5 Look Away 3:20
B1 Hopeless 2:06
B2 Blind Tony 1:15
B3 The Chosen 1:51
B4 White Collar Man 1:25
B5 Noise Patch 2:08

Reception Edit

The album's reception has been mixed to negative. Allmusic currently gives the album 2 stars out of five.

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