Biographical Information


Genres Grungegaze, Post-Rock, Shoegaze
  • Fer Suarez
  • Martín Palucito
  • Ezequiel Piotti
  • Nicolás Tentoni
Former Members
  • Javier Alcalde
Date of Formation February 3, 2012
Formation Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Years Active 2012-2016

Páramo is a grungegaze/post-rock band hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The band was founded in 2012 with Fer Suarez on lead vocals and guitars, Martín Palucito on guitars and flute, and Javier Alcalde on drums and bass. In 2013, Ezequiel Piotti was called in for the position of bass player. In 2014, Nicolás Tentoni replaced Alcalde on drums and has remained drummer to this day.

The band has released two studio albums, Uno (2013) and Vértice (2016). They are signed onto the Argentine independent music label, Zann's Music.