Olivelawn was a short-lived punk band that formed in San Diego, California. They released two studio albums.

History Edit

The band Olivelawn (named after Olive Lawn Memorial Park in La Mirada, California) formed around 1990 by the band members Otis Barthoulameu (nicknamed "O") on guitars, Mike Olson as the vocalist, Jonny Donhowe of bass and Eddie Glass on drums. Influenced by classic garage rock bands like MC5 and the Stooges, the band recorded three singles and then released their debut album, Sap afterwards. Jack Endino produced their second album, Sophomore Jinx! in 1992. The band failed to make success, and they broke up. O and Donhowe formed Fluf, which became more succesful. Glass formed Nebula.

Discography Edit

Studio Albums Edit

Singles Edit

  • "Instant Punk Rock Song" (1990), Insta-Noise
  • "4 Is Greater Than 2" (1990), Nemesis
  • "Cat's Farm" (1990), Nemesis
  • Split single with Jack of Hearts (1990), No Guff: "Symptom Of The Universe (Live)"
  • "Beautiful Feeling" (1991), Sympathy for the Record Industry

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