Milk Duct Tape
Milk Duct Tape Band
Biographical Information

Milk Duct Tape

Genres Indie Rock, Grunge
  • Dan Bobek
  • Matt Moss
  • Adam Clayton
Date of Formation 2013
Formation Location Iowa City, Iowa
Years Active 2013-present

Milk Duct Tape is an indie rock/grunge band that formed in mid-2013 formed by Dan Bobek. They are a three-piece band from Iowa City, Iowa that was featured on the compilation Grunge Forum 300. Their music is available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

History Edit

Dan Bobek released a solo album called Coffee and Other Caffeinated Delights in 2013, but he wanted to form a band soon afterwards. After many sessions with possible band members (one including Adam Clayton), he finally formed a band with drummer Troy Tietge and bassist Matt Moss of Cedar Rapids. Under the name "Milk Duct Tape," (which used the same initials as the bandmates' first names), they eventually got radioplay with their song "Codeine," and a music video for "Journey Into Parts Unknown." Tietge left the band due to a hand injury, and the band recruited Bobek's old friend from Illinois, Adam Clayton. The three practiced their songs in Bobek's own basement. The band then acquired many gigs, including a concert at Gentle Edward Records on December 14, 2013. A short EP of the show was released a year afterwards, entitled Live at GERFest. In April 2014, they started recording studio material for albums. They released a Bandcamp single for "Gojira," a live album named Live at GERFest, and their debut EP, Styrofoam Tombstone. They have also released their song "Falling Down You" on the compilation Grunge Forum 300. Milk Duct Tape will also perform for the nex compilation, Grunge Forum 400.

Musical Style Edit

As an indie band that takes influence from grunge, they describe themselves as, "Dinosaur Jr, Mudhoney and QOTSA with the occasional foray into Exile On Main St.-era Rolling Stones." They also take influence from desert rock and punk rock. They have taken influence from many grunge/punk/indie bands and have been compared to bands from the start of the Seattle grunge scene.

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