Live at the Palladium by Alice in Chains
Live at the Palladium
Name Live at the Palladium
Album Type Live album
Genres Grunge, Alternative Metal
Release Date

February 25, 2015

Recorded Date and Place December 15, 1992 at the Palladium in Hollywood.
Label DOL

Live at the Palladium: December 15, 1992, also known simply as its shorter form of the name, Live at the Palladium, is an archival live album by American grunge band Alice in Chains. The album chronicles Alice in Chains' live show at the Palladium in Hollywood in December 1992. The album is exclusively released in the continent of Europe.

Tracklist Edit

  1. It Ain't Like That
  2. Man in the Box
  3. Sea of Sorrow
  4. Real Thing
  5. Bleed the Freak
  6. Put You Down
  7. Sunshine
  8. We Die Young
  9. Radio Outro

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