Life in Chains by Alice in Chains
Life in Chains
Name Life in Chains
Album Type Live Bootleg
Genres Grunge, Alternative Metal
Release Date


Recorded Date and Place 1992 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Label RTW
Label ID RTW-003

Life in Chains is one of two bootlegs of Alice in Chains' live concert at the Phoenix Concert Theater in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The other bootleg is Desert. This bootleg, released in Italy, features the full concert. The cover features Layne Staley. The concert was performed in favor of their second studio album, Dirt, and features most of the songs from the album.

Tracklist Edit

No. Name Lyrics
1. "Dam That River" Cantrell
2. "We Die Young" Cantrell
3. "Them Bones" Cantrell
4. "Would?" Cantrell
5. "Love, Hate, Love" Staley
6. "Junkhead" Staley
7. "God Smack" Staley
8. "Duty Free" ("Bleed the Freak") Cantrell
9. "Put You Down" Cantrell
10. "Sickman" Staley
11. "It Ain't Like That" Cantrell
12. "Hate to Feel" Staley
13. "Angry Chair" Staley
14. "Man in the Box" Staley

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