"In 'n' Out of Grace" is a grunge song by American grunge/garage rock band Mudhoney. It is the final track of six tracks on the album Superfuzz Bigmuff, and is the ninth track on Superfuzz Bigmuff Plus Early Singles.

Writing Edit

Mark Arm mentioned in an interview: "The main riff of that came from Matt. And then either Steve or I - I'm not sure who - floated the idea of throwing in a bass and drum break, with a crazy double guitar solo, like something off the first Blue Cheer record." The track uses a sample fro the 1996 film, The Wild Angels. The sample carries Peter Fonda speaking a eulogy, "We wanna be free to do what we wanna do."

Lyrics Edit

The lyrics have religious undertones, screaming for Christ to take the singer to a higher place, even though the singer also sings from a fleshly perspective, craving "body and blood." The line "Falling in and out of grace" appears twice out of four lines in each verse.