Illiteracy Will Prevail is a rare demo tape by the short lived punk band, Fecal Matter. It was released in 1985. It is the only release of the band, and is sought by bootleggers and collectors. Much of the album's fame revolves around the fact it is Kurt Cobain's project before friend Krist Novoselic joined him to form Nirvana.

History Edit

At the time of recording, Fecal Matter was only made up of Cobain and Dale Clover. Kurt handled the vocals and guitars while Clover was the drummer/bassist. The album was recorded on a 4-Track recorder. Kurt Cobain passed copies of his demo tape to his friends. He had hoped to start a band, and he asked his friend Novoselic to join up with him. Over the years, many copies of the album dissappeared. The only known person to have a copy is Courtney Love.

In 2006, one version of the album was leaked. However, it was incomplete and was in very poor quality. However, three songs from the album confirmed by past owners to be legit were leaked a week later. They were the first three songs on the album.

Legacy Edit

The album is sought after by many bootleggers and collectors. There are many false versions of the album. Coutrney Love has a legit copy, and fans wish she would distribute it.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Sound of Dentage
  2. Bambi Slaughter
  3. Laminated Effect
  4. Spank Thru
  5. Class of 86
  6. Blathers Log
  7. Instramental

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