Faggot Sapiens is the name of the one-man band formed by Finnish musician Santeri Salo. He describes Faggot Sapiens as a "grunge revival project." Faggot Sapiens has released one EP and one album.

History Edit

Santeri Salo found humor in the name "Faggot Spaiens," possibly being a parody of "homo sapiens," since "homo" and "faggot" are both slang terms for homosexual people. When Salo asked people to form a band with that name, no one would join him due to the name. So he formed Faggot Sapiens as a one-man band. On February of 2011, he released his first and only fll studio album, Relationshit Revisited. On March 8, 2011, Faggot Sapiens released his first EP, Besides. It contains four tracks. On June of the same year, Faggot Sapiens contributed the song "Her Feet Above the Ground" to's first collaborative compilation of songs, Grunge Forum 100. The band has also contributed a song to the third compilation, Grunge Forum 300.