Dirt by Alice in Chains
Name Dirt
Album Type Studio Albums
Genres Grunge[1][2][3], Alternative Metal[4][5], Heavy Metal[6][7], Hard Rock[8][9][10], Alternative Rock[11]
Release Date

September 29, 1992

Recorded Date and Place March-May 1992 at Eldorado Recording Studios in Burbank; London Bridge Studio in Seattle; One on One Recording Studios in Los Angeles
Label Columbia
Label ID CK 52475
Producer Dave Jerden. Alice in Chains
Length 57:37
Preceded By SAP
Followed By Jar of Flies

Dirt is the second studio album by American alternative metal band Alice in Chains. It is their breakthrough album that was released on September 29, 1992, the same date as the release of the grunge album Core by Stone Temple Pilots. The album is their most notable album, bringing the band into the mainstream media. The notable singles are "Them Bones," "Rooster," "Angry Chair," and "Would?"

Music and Lyrics Edit

The lyrics often speak of depressing topics, such as drug use, anger, war, and other emotional topics. Cantrell said, "We deal with our daily demons through music." The leading topic of the album was drug use. "Sickman," "Junkhead," "God Smack," and "Hate to Feel" all speak of the effects of drug use, mostly heroin. "Them Bones" was a depressing statement on what happens after death, and "Would?" was a tribute to the late Andrew Wood. "Dam That River" was inspired by a fight Cantrell and Kinney were involved in. During the fight, Kinney broke a coffee table on Cantrell's head. "Rooster was written for Cantrell's father, who served in the Vietnam War under the nickname ":Rooster." Cantrell said about "Dirt" that "the words Layne put to it were so heavy, I've never given him something and not thought it was gonna be the most bad-assed thing I was going to hear." "Iron Gland" came from a guitar riff Cantrell played that annoyed the other members. "Angry Chair" was about how Staley's father would sit him in front of a mirror when he was in trouble. "Down in a Hole" was a song for Cantrell's "life-long love."

Staley explained that he regretted the songs he wrote. His ideals were against heroin addictions, but his fans would think heroin was cool.

Tracklist Edit

No. Name Lyrics Music Length
1. "Them Bones" Jerry Cantrell Cantrell 2:30
2. "Dam That River" Cantrell Cantrell 3:09
3. "Rain When I Die" Staley Cantrell, Sean Kinney, Mike Starr 6:01
4. "Sickman" Staley Cantrell 5:29
5. "Rooster" Cantrell Cantrell 6:15
6. "Junkhead" Staley Cantrell 5:09
7. "Dirt" Staley Cantrell 5:16
8. "God Smack" Staley Cantrell 3:56
9. "Intro (Dream Sequence)/Iron Gland" (unlisted) Tom Araya Cantrell 0:43
10. "Hate to Feel" Staley Staley 5:15
11. "Angry Chair" Staley Staley 4:48
12. "Down in a Hole" Cantrell Cantrell 5:38
13. "Would?" Cantrell Cantrell 3:28

Personnel Edit

Alice in Chains Edit

  • Layne Staley – lead vocals, rhythm guitar on 'Angry Chair' and 'Hate to Feel'.
  • Jerry Cantrell – lead and rhythm guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar on 'Down In a Hole'
  • Mike Starr – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Sean Kinney – drums

Additional Musicians Edit

  • Tom Araya – vocals on "Iron Gland"

Technical Personnel Edit

  • Produced by Dave Jerden and Alice in Chains, except "Would?", produced by Alice in Chains
  • Engineered by Bryan Carlstrom, assisted by Annette Cisneros and Ulrich Wild
  • Mixed by Dave Jerden, assisted by Annette Cisneros
  • Mastered by Steve Hall and Eddy Schreyer

Artwork Edit

  • Nick Terzo - A&R
  • Mary Maurer - Art Direction, FX Artwork
  • David Coleman - Logo
  • Doug Erb
  • Photography - Rocky Schenck

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