Corvette Summer by Dollface
Name Corvette Summer
Album Type Studio Album
Genres Pop Punk, Grunge
Release Date

August 1, 1994

Label Crackpot Records
Label ID CPCD 1227

Corvette Summer is the debut album by the American underground pop punk band Dollface. It was released August 1, 1994 on Bird Dialect, and released again in 2013 through Ed Records on Bandcamp with a rearranged track listing.

Musical Style Edit

The band describes themselves as "beatlesesque." The attempt at pop punk takes grunge influence.

Tracklist Edit

Original Release Edit

No. Name Writer(s) Length
1. Kick the Ball Matt Shane, Josh Shane 2:45
2. Timi Yuro Song Jeff Gregory, Matt Shane 2:52
3. Half a Chance Matt Shane 3:50
4. Opportunities Jeff Gregory, Josh Shane 2:57
5. Valentine's Day Matt Shane 2:09
6. No Duh, No Doi Dollface 1:58
7. Astronaut Jeff Gregory 2:40
8. Toulouse-Lautrec Matt Shane 3:33
9. Angeline Jeff Gregory, Josh Shane 2:33
10. Oahu Jeff Gregory, Josh Shane 2:55
11. Heaven Scent Jeff Gregory 2:49
12. Gun or a Lover Matt Shane, Josh Shane 2:57
13. In Spite Of Everything Matt Shane 3:45

Ed Records Re-Release Edit

No. Name Length
1. Kick the Ball 2:38
2. Timi Yuro Song 2:51
3. Half a Chance 3:46
4. Opportunities 2:46
5. Valentine's Day 2:17
6. No Duh, No Doi 2:12
7. Angeline 2:40
8. Jet 3:51
9. Oahu 2:58
10. Heaven Scent 2:59
11. In Spite Of Everything 3:44

Credits Edit


  • Matt Shane - guitasr, vocals
  • Josh Shane - bass, vocals
  • Jeff Gregory - guitar, vocals
  • Scott Ligan - drums, vocals


  • Dave Bijan - production, art direction

Sources Edit

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