Biographical Information


Genres Alternative Rock, Grungegaze
Former Members

Mark Rew Kerry Brown Keith Brown Neil Jendon Jerome Brown Scott Evers Todd Tatnall Cliff Fox D'arcy Wretzky

Date of Formation 1985
Formation Location Chicago, Illinois
Years Active 1985-1998

Catherine was an alternative rock band that formed in CChicago, Illinois in 1985. They are notable for their blend of alternative and shoegaze, and the band is a notable influence on modern, underground grungegaze. The band release two albums and 1 EP before breaking up.

Musical Style Edit

The band can be labeled as an alternative band, but mixed a grungy sound with the fuzzy distortion of shoegaze, creating an early form of shoegaze. Their sound was very pop-based and had light influences of space rock.

Discography Edit

Studio Albums Edit

EP's Edit

  • Sleepy (1993)