Bored EP
Name Bored! by Bored!
Album Type Extended Play
Genres Punk, Grunge
Release Date

October 1988

Label Grown Up Wrong
Length 24:11
Followed By Negative Waves

Bored! is the self-titled debut extended play by the Australian grunge band Bored! It was released in October of 1988. It is known for the single, "Little Suzie."

Reception Edit

Bored's popularity may be a bit small, but the reception for this album has been very positive. It currently holds a 4.15 out of ten ratings on music aggregator Rateyourmusic.

Tracklist Edit

NNo. Name Length
1. Little Suzie 4:35
2. Upright Citizen 2:03
3. Human Being 6:12
4. Heartbreaker 4:47
5. Girl 2:12
6. Show Me the Way 4:42

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