Mother Love Bone Apple
Name Apple by Mother Love Bone
Album Type Studio Album
Genres Grunge, Glam Rock, Alternative Rock
Release Date

July 19, 1990

Recorded Date and Place September–November 1989 at The Plant, Sausalito, California and London Bridge Studios, Seattle, Washington
Label Stardog
Producer Bruce Calder, Terry Date, Mark Dearnley, Mother Love Bone
Length 57:59
Preceded By Shine

Apple is the first and only studio album by American grunge band Mother Love Bone.  It was released on July, 1990, intended to be released in March but was delayed due to lead singer Andrew Wood's death.  It was released on Mercury's exclusive label, Stardog Records. A second album would've been underway, and it would've ensured the band's mainstream success. However, vocalist Andrew Wood passed away from a heroin overdose.

Tracklist Edit

All songs were written by Andrew Wood.

No. Name Length
1. This Is Shangrila 3:42
2. Stardog Champion 4:58
3. Holy Roller 4:27
4. Bone China 3:44
5. Bite the Apple 5:26
6. Stargazer 4:49
7. Heartshine 4:36
8. Captain High-Top 3:07
9. Man of Golden Words 3:41
10. Capricorn Sister 4:19
11. Gentle Groove 4:02
12. Mr. Danny Boy 4:50
13. Crown of Thorns 6:18