This is a list of unofficially released bootlegs by the band Alice in Chains. The list is sorted by release date.

Name Release Date Genres Recording Label
Publisher Demos 1989 Grunge Rare Demo
Sweet Alice 1989 Grunge Rare Demo Sponge Records
Sunshine 1992 Grunge, Alternative Metal Live at the Sheraton in Los Angeles Bullseye Records
We Die Young: Concert 1992 Grunge, Alternative Metal Live show at December 20, 1992
Bad Dream 1993 Grunge March 3, 1993 at Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland
Chained to the Studio 1993 Grunge, Alternative Metal Demos and Outtakes Fist
Desert 1993 Grunge, Alternative Rock Live in Toronto/Canada. November 29th, 1992 Living Legends Records
Life in Chains 1993 Grunge, Alternative Metal live in Toronto/Canada. November 29th, 1992 RTW
Come & Save Me 1995 Grunge, Alternative Metal Live European Recording from 1993 Metal Crash
Heroin 1995 Grunge, Alternative Metal Compilation of demos, including Sweet Alice Ride the Tiger

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